Remote Computing Software: Keep A Copy Running While You’re Away

I’ve just finished installing the host version of TeamViewer on one Dell PC in the labs and remotely accessed it with my Lenovo notebook. I’m quite impressed.
After downloading the host software to the Dell computer I was presented with an ID and password. I then downloaded the “remote” version of TeamViewer to the Lenovo (remote) computer and then entered the ID and password. Within seconds I was remotely controlling the Dell computer.
You can easily switch between controlling the host computer, displaying your screen to the host computer (in presentation mode) or doing a file transfer. Try it for free, for “non-commercial” use and if you like it for your company, buy one or more licenses.
You know what else is really neat about TeamViewer? You can install a remote access version (to control a host computer) that does not require administrative privileges? This means if you are at an airport kiosk or some other location where you can’t normally install software you can still use TeamViewer.
Being able to remotely access a computer back in your office can be a huge plus if you need to access your computer when away. Maybe you’re at a hotel miles away or at a client’s office next door. If you need to access a file, having remote control software, can mean the difference between a lost sale or some other business tragedy.
There’s many remote access solutions on the market –, WebEx and others. Test the one that works best for you and ensure your host computers are secure.