Sometimes You Just Have to Leave a Message

We all rely on email these days, so much so that there’s a growing movement of productivity experts giving us tips on how to achieve “inbox zero“. Email is not a bad thing in itself… It creates instant documentation of your conversation. It allows you to reply at your convenience (in theory, anyway).
But sometimes there’s no substitute for picking up the phone and having a live conversation, or at least leaving a voice mail. A good sign that you should just call is when it is taking you 20 minutes to craft a written message that would take you 20 seconds to say out loud.
As with all technology, smaller businesses need all the tools they can get their hands on to compete and operate more effectively. Fortunately there are quite a few voice messaging/virtual PBX solutions out there from companies like GotVMail, and RingCentral that are reasonably priced and offer advanced messaging features.
Recently Free Conferencing Corporation, provider of the well known, has joined this group with the announcement of their new Private Number product.

“We are giving our existing and prospective SimpleVoiceBox and SimpleVoiceCenter customers a truly ‘No Limits’ voicemail service,” said David Erickson, founder and CEO, Free Conferencing Corporation of America. “We now offer unlimited outgoing greetings, place no limits on incoming messages, and do not require access codes or extra digits – you simply dial the area code and number. It is powerful yet simple.”
This expanded offering provides a full featured voicemail service which can be activated immediately without any long term contracts. Other features include: online account access, phone or web administration, multiple configurations that allow users to utilize the voicemail service as a broadcaster, 24/7 availability, email notifications of new messages, and Daily Activity Reports with a “Caller ID Capture” feature. The single voice box is available for $4.95 per month and the unlimited multiple voice box version is available for $9.95 per month.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,