Stop Living With Your Technology Ailments

We all know someone who refuses to get medical attention for some physical ailment. It might not be life threatening (yet), but it’s enough to cause some level of discomfort and/or interfere with daily life. Whether it’s a bunion or a needed knee replacement, they just live with it.
There’s a technology equivalent of this person. It’s the small business owner who has a computer problem and doesn’t have an in-house IT person, a tech consultant, or a techy friend to take care of it. So they just live with it, working around it when possible, doing without it if necessary. We are all guilty of putting up with little annoying problems, especially when we are in the flow of daily work.
There’s really no excuse for hampering your business that way. There are many companies offering immediate, over the phone tech support that is quite reasonably priced. AT&T recently launched a service with plans that start at $19/month per computer. Ramon (Editor, has used and likes PlumChoice which has both monthly plans and pay-per-minute plans that start at $25 for fifteen minutes.
Newcomer Digital Support Technology has a free automated service called PC Fixer, which detects and repairs a range of common computer problems. They also have an extensive self-help database of articles on their site and a community support forum that lets users post questions and share fixes and tips. The company also offers live remote tech support for $19.99 per “incident”.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,