Technical Support…from Your Telephone Company

Many of us think of the telephone company as providing telephone service. And you’re right. We’re also used to the fact that the telephone company provides not just telephone service, but in many cases, television and Internet service.
AT&T has launched a new service, providing a range of technical support options to small businesses. This new service, Tech Support 360, is economical and provides service, including on-site support, at various levels.
The pricing ranges from $20 – $30 per month plus a $90 one time service activation fee which includes a PC tune up support call. You can get more details of the service here.
If you are looking for other support options check out PlumChoice and GeekSquad. Keep in mind that Dell (and probably soon other vendors) offers a range of similar support options as well – they sell more than just computers. Of course your local technology consultant is an option as well. But if he or she is busy and/or you just want to pay less for something simple, like help with some digital camera photographs, call a toll-free help line with remote PC support could be a better option.
You can view a video of AT&T’s support service here.
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