The Tooth Fairy, Big Foot and the Paperless Office

You may have heard about the “paperless office”, but have you ever actually seen one?
The concept of a purely digital office sounds great, but in reality the “digital” part is comprised of lots of paper coming in to the office – mail, fax, plus all the documents we “have” to print out at some point. However, regardless of the amount of paper passing through our fingers, having a way to ensure it’s all digitally stored is important. When flood, fire and disaster come your way, digital archives could be what keeps your business in action. Many companies end up going out of business after disaster strikes because they can’t resurrect their information.
Xerox has launched a document management software geared specifically for smaller businesses called DocuShare Express.

It’s a small business version of their DocuShare enterprise content management software, and is basically a web-based electronic filing system that provides storage, retrieval and sharing of files. It allows filing of all of your digital documents, but also makes it easy to scan any paper files that you need to backup, store or share directly to specific DocuShare folders.
Keeping track of paper and digital information can be difficult in a small business setting where administrative resources are limited. For example, in a doctor’s office regulatory materials, pharmacy procedures and training manuals need to be updated frequently and can be costly to print, store and keep organized. DocuShare Express allows employees to review materials online, anytime – fostering communication and collaboration without straining the budget.
DocuShare Express also includes a time-saving imaging and scanning feature, which enables documents to be uploaded to specific DocuShare folders using special scan cover sheets. Easy upgrades to DocuShare or DocuShare CPX allow SMBs to add more advanced content management capabilities as necessary.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,