True or False: Data Protection Is Just Backup?

There’s more to proper data protection than just backing up your files, according to one of Symantec’s new blog posts debunking data protection myths.
Over the past week Symantec wrote a myth each day which addressed topics such as upgrading to disk-based backup, granular recovery technology and backing up virtual machines. Protecting your business is best left to experts. But keeping up to do date about security issues is important.
Myth 5 reads Now, recovery is the star of the show. It’s not simply about backing up the data. The data must be recoverable-usually quickly and at the right granularity. Therefore, recovery is largely viewed as the most important aspect of data protection. If an organization cannot recover the data when they need it, what is the point of backing it up in the first place?
Here’s an example. Imagine that you are a small business that relies heavily on IT functions for sales, operations, and day-to-day communication. Perhaps you run a law firm and need to produce a specific file or email for a court case. That small amount of data must be recovered. And, depending on your deadline, you need the ability to do it quickly.