When Moblity Is More Than Your Contacts and Schedule

mobile-devices.jpgEvery time I write a new article or post, I try to put myself in the shoes of smaller business owners who are not technically savvy, but know they need to use technology as a tool to grow their business and just need some guidance in what to do.
Maximzer, makes contact management software in direct competition with ACT! and Goldmine Software. They have recently launched a new brand, Maximizer Mobile CRM, which provides access to customers, leads, notes, documents, schedules, sales deals, and service cases, directly on mobile devices, while enabling synchronization with information at the office.
Although I’ve highlighted Maximizer, other software provides this kind of connectivity. Talk to your local mobile expert, or your cellular carrier for help or guidance on this.
What’s important to note is that by leveraging this powerful software, specifically designed for mobile devices, you will enable your mobile sales team to respond faster to customer needs and potential opportunities. Check out a video of Maximizer in action here.
Imagine getting a phone call from your biggest customer while you’re away from the office. Instead of simply telling them you’ll get back to them tomorrow, you can see their latest buying history, check up on notes from your colleagues and be able to intelligently respond to their needs, immediately.
Find more information on what Maximizer is doing here.