Are You Paying Too Much for A Business Cell Phone Plan?

Thumbnail image for cellphone.jpgCell phones are wonderful tools, but for smaller businesses, purchasing them for employees can be a costly, recurring expense. Paying for the phones and the monthly fees can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. This money could be used for other purposes such as marketing or employee salaries.
When a company issues cellular phones to employees, measures need to be put in place to regulate associated costs. Actively managing and enforcing cellular phone policies is a cost-saving mechanism that can be employed in companies that need to realize immediate and future cost savings. The cost of business-issued mobile devices is usually quite large and, in most cases, can be reduced substantially. Companies interested in cutting their cellular expenditures should implement the following steps. Read more on this from bMighty
Even though I don’t have to pay for cell phones for employees, having a relationship with my cellular phone vendor is important.
I use Verizon Wireless, have been a customer for many years and am quite pleased with their service. Every time I call, whether to replace a defective phone or to inquire about a billing issue, I let the customer service rep know that I’ve been a long time customer.
Having a relationship with your cellular provider is important so that you get premium support is important.
When you’re away from your office and your phone, or the phone of one of your employees dies, this is where the relationship with your cellular provider is really needed. You don’t want any hassle or fuss, but simply need your phone replaced – quickly.