Buried In Contracts: Let Mumboe Get You Organized

mumboe.jpgSome of you sign contracts more often than babies get their diapers changed. This leaves stacks of digital or paper files to sift through.
Mumboe’s initial product launch enabled businesses to create, store, track and share agreements in a secure, central location.
With Mumboe’s newest release, “On-demand Contract Intelligence”, Mumboe enables you to upload contracts that are automatically scanned and the important contract data extracted. Check out the video demo here.
If you are looking to save money and get every advantage you can, reviewing your contracts can be a good start. If you have many contracts being able to quickly sort through them, finding contracts that can be used as templates and high-lighting contracts that might need to be re-evaluated could be a smart move.
Mumboe’s press release reads Based on the company’s proprietary semantic processing engine, the new capability helps organizations such as legal departments, sales, purchasing and human resources organizations greatly reduce the time and effort they spend tracking and managing their contractual commitments. From expiration and renewal dates to discounts and rebate windows, business agreements of all types contain critical details that can directly impact a company’s financial picture. Mumboe’s new On-Demand Contract Intelligence capability lets users automatically extract key dates, deadlines and other details from agreement documents, and manage those details as actionable business data.