Cable Company: Get Rid Of The Telephone Company

cable.jpgA few years ago, I would write about the pros and cons of cable vs DSL service for Internet access. Back then the argument was what system was more secure, which offered better service, which had better speeds and which was more stable. Guess what? That argument, but on a higher level is still taking place.
Telephone companies offer you voice, data and TV service. If you have needs such as video, network security or managed services, telephone companies can supply that as well.
But guess what, as Google entered the market with gigabytes of online storage and forced Yahoo and Hotmail to change, the cable companies (such as Cablevision, Time Warner and Comcast) are in the market offering the same services as telephone companies – forcing them to change.
There’s a fierce battle between your local cable provider and telephone company for the data/voice/TV service that YOUR business purchases.
I spoke to a cable spokesperson who said that cable is cheaper than phone company servicesee this chart, and that cable companies offer better service overall.
The other thing the spokesperson mentioned to me was that with cable companies you are not locked in to a contract. Phone companies love contracts (check out your cellular phone bill), as it keeps you locked in. Cable does not have those shackles. I guess that’s the nice thing about Google Android – no contracts.
If you have telephone and Internet service by your phone company, you might want to give your local cable company a call to see if they can save you money and offer better service than the telephone company.