Do Customers Know How to Use Your Product?

classroom.jpgKnowing how to use a product properly is directly related to how much satisfaction a buyer gets out of it. It can also make them more likely to recommend it to someone else. Even proficient (and expert) users can benefit from tips, hints, and best practice suggestions for your product or service.
For example, Ramon has shared with readers how much he loves his Treo, but just recently someone told him that it would crash less often if he added a larger memory card. It comes with 62MB and has about 40MB free – the rest are used by the built in applications. When you have hundreds of calendar entries and thousands of contacts in your address book you need a lot more memory. He bought a 2GB SD card for it and it works much better and faster.
Training customers properly makes them feel good about buying your product or service, and keeps them from getting frustrated. You can communicate with them in so many ways: by email newsletter, blog, help sections on your website (that are actually helpful), webinars, or even live events.

One example of a company that is doing this via live events is Verizon Wireless. They are giving free classes in NY titled “20 Things a PDA Can Do for You” to teach customers how to get the most out of their PDAs and to answer user questions about their particular phones. They aren’t assuming that all of their customers already know how to text messages, sync contacts, browse websites, or get their Bluetooth headsets working.
Encourage your customers to ask questions so you can show off what your product can do. Show them a simple video or screen shot. Make it easy for them to learn, even if it’s a complicated product. You want them saying “Oh cool, I didn’t know I could do that!” and not “Ugh, this thing is a pain.”
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,