Don’t Lose Your Phone Number – Park It

One of the most annoying things about moving is having to change your phone number – notifying friends, family, doctors, schools…it can be a real pain. For local business phone lines it can also be expensive – notifying customers and vendors, and updating any materials where the number is printed.
Of course, you have the option of keeping a local phone number and having the phone company forward it to your new number, but you’ll still have to pay for phone service on the old number plus a forwarding fee.
NumberGarage offers an economical forwarding alternative. First, you port your number to their “garage”, which cancels your old phone service. Once the number is ported, you can forward incoming calls to any land or cell line. For a monthly fee of $9.95, you can receive all calls to your old number without paying for phone service on the line. 200 minutes of forwarded calls are included in the monthly rate, with 5 cents per minute additional charges. Cell phone numbers can also be ported, and the forwarding number can be changed by logging in to the NumberGarage website.
Another cool feature the company offers is number parking. Say you have a vanity number (like maybe 555-LL ROCKS) that you don’t want to use right now, but you don’t want to lose it. Just as you can own a domain name and not have web hosting for it, you can now own a phone number and not have phone service for it. Just park it in the NumberGarage and pay $4.95 a month.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,

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