Easy Web Site Building For Joe the Plumber and others

For the fancy IT professionals in NY, hot design firms in Los Angeles, or uptight accounting firms in Washington, having a web site is second nature. Many of you have good looking web sites, know the importance of excellent web site design and navigation and most likely work with a professional web designer to make the online experience your customers and prospective customers receive as good as possible.
However, as studies continue to show, there continues to be many smaller businesses that don’t have web sites or whose web sites don’t look good at all. Many of you reading this have web sites – and pretty good ones. But forward this to your friends who might not have a web site and help them.
I’ve written quite a bit about online web design services and GoDaddy has launched a new service as well – Smartspace. While these turnkey solutions are not the best solutions for those who want professionally designed web sites, they are perfect solutions for those who have no money to hire someone and zero expertise. They make it “point and click” easy to make a web site – almost like the pour-water-and-stir pancakes I make on Saturday mornings.
My 10 Web Site Musts, although written several years ago, contains 10 useful tips and insight into building a web site. Some of the tips include have a good domain name. If your company name is Women’s Diversity Network of America, you don’t have to have a domain name that reads WDNA. You could have one, instead of or in addition to the wdna.org one, something easier like womensidversity.org!
Other web design services you should consider are Intuit’s Homestead and Microsoft’s Office LIve.