Eye Candy: How LCD’s Can Boost Your Image

westinghouse-digital-signage.jpgI’ve always known that large flat panel LCD’s can be used to display awesome imagery (photos, video) about your business, thus drawing the attention of current and potential customers. When you’re in the mall, in the airport or going through the line at the grocery store, I’m sure you look at the LCD/TV screens.
Instead of just showing a TV image or boring video, Westinghouse Digital Electronics, with its new neonSource, neonNow and neonPlayer products gives businesses an advanced way to turn their entertainment or information displays into powerful digital signage tools.
If you are looking for an innovating and eye catching display solution these products should be on your “check it out” list. Westinghouse’s press release describe the technology as follows:
neonSource is a simple way for businesses to showcase ads on any size flat panel display while customers are watching selected programming. It is ideal for businesses looking to upgrade a display that currently shows TV or video and turn it into an all-in-one digital signage tool. neonSource allows businesses to advertise their latest product solutions, informational messages, daily specials, and promotional launches throughout the day on a timed rotation. The programming remains uninterrupted as the ads are dynamically inserted around it on the sides, top and bottom of the screen.
neonNow is a digital signage solution that is preloaded with professionally designed templates for businesses who do not wish to create their own content. It is extremely easy to use and offers digital signage capabilities in an instant. neonNow also provides a simple icon-based drag-and-drop user interface design that allows for simple insertion of a business’ logos, ads or videos. neonNow includes several professionally produced, specific templates with customizable text features for many industries including: retail/boutique, hospitality, restaurant, education and a generic design. neonNow has the versatility to be run in both portrait and landscape modes with the templates offered.

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  1. AJ Leon

    The ability to place timed, showcase ads while customers are viewing selected program is great. I have a few clients that will find this useful. Nice review.
    AJ Leon

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