Hola Señorita And the Localization of Your Online Presence

Over the past few weeks I’ve covered a variety of online web databases. Web databases, enable you to create database powered applications for a variety of needs. Maybe your non-profit and want to manage your membership? How about a real estate agent wanting to not only manage listings but also enable your clients to see the listings? The possibilities are endless.
Part of the endless possibilities is that your company and its products or services are available to a much wider audience, via the Internet. This audience, includes an overseas audience of potential customers, in which English is not their native language or local customers with the same profile.
Maybe you’ve invested hours in putting together a fancy form to capture customer data. Those customers who speak Spanish, Russian or other languages might be able to decently speak to you face to face, but they might appreciate a form in their own language.
Caspio, makers of Caspio Bridge, a powerful web database application platform enables you to localize your online applications with one click. It’s modules enable your messages and buttons to be in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Greek or Dutch with more languages to come.
Not only should you consider your web applications for localization but your web site as well. As you look at your web site traffic you might see customers coming from various countries. Should you consider have some or all of your content translated into another language. Could the investment you spend on localizing your web site (or other communication products) be worth the extra revenue from non-English (as a native language) speaking customers?