Increase Your Protection With Multiple Rings of Security

securityring.jpgTraditional security for many businesses consists of installing an anti-virus program like Symantec Anti-Virus, Trend Micro or McAfee on your desktop computers. Most of you are smart enough to know you need security on your servers as well. However, to fully protect yourself from threats beyond just viruses more security is needed.
You need a solution that can monitor and protect you from a variety of threats.
For example, SonicWALL released the Network Security Appliance (NSA) 240 which accelerates and prioritizes business critical network traffic, while attacking network threats, misuse of network resources and unreliable or unavailable Internet connectivity.
Appliances like this go beyond simple virus protection.
For example, accelerating and prioritizing network traffic ensures that traffic that needs to move quickly gets priority over traffic that might not be so important – like web surfing. Misuse of network resources is a common challenge for smaller businesses as well. For example, shopping online or checking out sports web sites can suck precious bandwidth from your network, waste time (do you pay employees to surf) can be a potential cause of security threats.

Sonic Wall’s press release reads Today’s network and security administrators face an ever-more complex set of challenges as bandwidth usage continues to increase, reliable network services are mandatory and new applications such as SaaS, Web 2.0, social networking and streaming media dominate network traffic. Such use cases and applications present overwhelming security issues for branch offices and corporate networks—and administrators can no longer afford the tradeoffs between security and performance. Existing security solutions are extremely limited in inspection performance, unable to adapt to the continual changes in the application and threat landscape, and are often difficult to manage effectively. Customers require a much greater level of network and application inspection without compromising the ever-growing throughput requirements of today’s complex communication networks.

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