It’s a Smartphone, Not a Petri Dish. Keep Your Tech Devices Clean on the Go

lafresh_techpack.jpgRight about this time of year, when the flu shot clinic signs start to appear in drugstores, I get a little bit obsessed with hand washing. I am keenly aware of all the surfaces that I touch that other people have already touched. And then what do I touch and hold everywhere I go? Yep, my Blackberry. (And I won’t even get into the greasy smudges left everywhere from the hand cream necessary after all that hand washing…)
I’m not surgical-mask-on-the-subway neurotic, but I’ve been known to swab down my keyboard and cell phone with rubbing alcohol. So a product like the La Fresh Tech Pack certainly caught my interest. It’s a mini travel zip-up bag that holds individual towelettes to clean all your tech devices, without the need for a separate liquid cleaner. It’s safe for glasses, screens, lenses, cameras, PDAs, cell phones, laptops and similar devices.
The pack includes four Wet & Dry Dual Action Screen Cleaning towelette packets, three Lens Cleaning packets, and three Anti-Bacterial packets. All towelettes are biodegradable and the entire Tech Pack meets the TSA regulations to be carried onboard a plane, so you can just keep the pack in your laptop or travel bag. MSRP is $9.99 and they can be ordered at
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,