Lookin’ Good on Paper While Being Green

Thumbnail image for computer_recycle.jpgWe thought that having technology would reduce our reliance on paper. Clearly that’s not that case. We have more technology than ever before and still print too much paper. Xerox, and other print manufacturers know this and look for solutions to reduce the environmental damage that printing causes.
Whether its paper (cutting down trees) or safely disposing of old printers ore consumables, there are ways to do so an an environmentally safe manner.
Xerox’s Environment, Health and Safety web site is filled with useful information. This portal provides easy-to-use resources to help customers assess their paper choices and the environmental impact throughout the paper’s lifecycle. Tools include a comprehensive paper reference guide that educates customers about environmentally responsible paper choices, a sustainability brochure with tips for “greener” printing, Webcasts from industry experts discussing sustainability practices and links to the Xerox Green World Alliance recycling program and other sites about Xerox’s environmental initiatives.
Xerox is also introducing new lines of paper with varying degrees of certification for being green. For example The new Xerox Color Xpressions Planet 20 Paper, a 20 percent post-consumer, recycled-content offering, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Optimized for digital color printing with a smooth surface, the paper has a level of 98 brightness on a scale of one to 100, with 100 being the brightest. With its true-white color, the paper is designed for presentations, proposals, flyers, brochures and manuals and can be used for both digital and offset printing.
If you are serious about being as environmentally friendly as you can be, aligning your technology purchases with vendors who can educate you about their “green” products is the best way to go. Even PC vendors are producing computers that use less energy and generate less heat. Being able to decide which PC vendor can best help you in your commitment to going green is important.