Marketing Guru + Marketing Software = Powerful Marekting Software

marketingplanpro-ducttapemarketing.jpgPalo Alto Software has long produced the best marketing software, in Marketing Plan Pro. John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing, is America’s leading authority on marketing.
Recently these two companies combined to produce Marketing Plan Pro, powered by Duct Tape Marketing.
According to the press release In this latest release of Marketing Plan Pro, Palo Alto Software has taken the award-winning Duct Tape Marketing methodology and embedded it into Marketing Plan Pro-creating a product that will guide users through the process of creating a powerful marketing action plan that will help them understand how marketing and advertising can help successfully grow their businesses.
Some of you think marketing is something you do. It’s not. Marketing is a system you implement to build customer loyalty, increase sales and ensure you have a business that’s built to last.
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Keep in mind that part of marketing is indeed advertising in the yellow pages, getting mentions in the media, advertising online, setting up a referral system, training employees to nurture customer relations, having a great signature line, using CRM and so much more.
But all of this is of little use of its not put together into a strategic system that you can implement and anyone else in your company can implement (at least parts of it as relevant to their responsibilities) over and over again.
Why do you think air planes fly so well, but cars crash often. Pilots and the entire crew have a rigid system in place that they go through before and during every flight. With drivers of cars you are “taught to drive” and that’s about it – you’re on your own. Everyone drives differently – some well, some reckless and etc.
If you really want to use marketing in your business – you’ve got to have a system. John Jantsch, his coaches and Palo Alto Software have given you all the tools you need.
In this “down” economy, now is the time to INVEST in marketing solutions to grow your business.