Mobile Nation: How It Affects Your Marketing and Communication

Thumbnail image for mobile-man.jpgWebsites, blogs and email newsletters are important forms of communication. These communication tools were made to fit perfectly on a computer screen. However, the challenge is that many of your customers are accessing your websites and emails via their mobile devices.
If your well designed newsletter was created for viewing on a relatively large computer screen, it’s going to look a lot different on mobile devices such as a BlackBerry or iPhone. Even those web browsers, like on the iPhone, that do a pretty good job of displaying full web sites. However, even on these devices, the print is so small to make it not really practical to view content on these small devices.
BtoB Online writes If possible, publishers should do a reader demographic survey to determine how many people are receiving e-mail on mobile devices. “Make sure you understand the implications of that, both in the way you design your newsletter and in your metrics, too, because things like open rates are greatly impacted by whether the e-mail client strips images.”
If most of your readers (do a poll to find out) are accessing your content via traditional web browsers on a computer, then consider inviting the few readers who are accessing your web sites on mobile devices to subscribe to a text only version of your newsletter.
However, if your research shows that most of your audience accesses your web sites and other content on a variety of content in a variety of ways you should work with an online content developer (expert) to ensure your content is available on computer web browsers and mobile devices.