Mobility: T-Mobile G1 – Google’s Android

g1-phone-features-touch-screen.pngEarlier this week, T-Mobile announced the launch of its G-1, Google powered phone.
Google’s new mobile operating system, Android, provides you with yet another option as you look for mobile solutions for your personal life or business. Between the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Palm and Symbian operating systems you have several good choices, all however, with similar functionality.
It really boils down to which device is best for you regarding the software itself and the hardware (form factor) of the phone.
Right now, from my quick analysis the Android market is mainly filled with consumer tools but as in the cast of the iPhone I would expect developers to create more business applications as time goes on.
RIM, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Google are going to be in a “battle” as it were for developers to write for their respective platforms. Some developers will develop for all four platforms, but others might begin to lean toward and specialize toward one particular platform.
The iPhone market, for example, is VERY powerful and right now the hottest thing on the market. However, with T-Mobile’s G1, and as more carriers sell their cell phones with the G1 operating system, Google’s Android powered cell phone could grow in popularity.
For those of us still using our phones for only Microsoft Outlook synchronizations the mobile device you use might not be that critical. For those, however, using their phone as a PC replacement and as a critical part of their, the phone (hardware), the operating system and the wireless carrier are very important.

One thought on “Mobility: T-Mobile G1 – Google’s Android

  1. AJ Leon

    I work as a small business consultant, and serve in a variety of functions for different start up companies, therefore, being able to access my email and communicate with partners, clients, customers via email/chat/twitter is of the utmost importance to me. I also use iGoogle as my organizational dashboard, use Gmail as opposed to Outlook, and use Google Calendar to consolidate all my various projects on Basecamp and PlanHQ. Needless to say, I was in the store the day they released the G1, and let me tell you I am VERY pleased. For hardcore Google users like myself, this is a no brainer. The G1 only cost 179, immediately imported all my contacts in Gmail including phone numbers, has Gchat/Gmail shortcuts on the desktop. I will be honest the app store is weak right now. However, they have have not even opened it to developer upload yet, which I believe they will on Monday. I almost got an iPhone when they were released, and then I tried to type on it…let’s just say that typing with one finger doesn’t work when you send out hundreds of communication messages a day. On top of all this the Android Operating system is open source, and if anyone is familiar with Linux, you will know this to be an absolutely beneficial item.
    AJ Leon

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