Move Scheduling Out of Your Office to the Customer and Boost Sales and Productivity

hourtown.gifWouldn’t it be nice if you would not have to call the doctor’s office and schedule an appointment? Instead it would be much better if you could go online and pick the time you want, based on what times the doctor is free. Or instead of waiting on hold to schedule a time to see your accountant, take in your car or see your lawyer – you could do it all online on your own.
A new service, HourTown claims to have the solution.
HourTown takes the time consuming process of booking customer appointments and makes it easy for new and existing customers to connect and schedule an appointment online. It helps keep a business’s calendar full, markets its services and notifies the merchant when someone schedules an appointment. There’s nothing to install and it works on any computer.
The initial package is free and there are two additional, more feature-rich packages that cost $19.95 per month and $29.95 per month depending on the level of service required by the merchant.
HourTown is very simple, but quite powerful. Here’s a few feature high-lights from their web site:
If you have multiple employees that can be scheduled, you can create an individual profile for each member of your staff. Specify their specific services, business hours, photos and special training. Perfect for growing businesses that want to eliminate the expense of a full-time receptionist or front office person.
Get instant notification via text message (SMS) to your mobile phone whenever a client schedules an appointment or requests more information about your services. Instant text messages allow you to pursue “hot leads” more effectively and keeps you updated – even while you are away from your office or computer.
Another feature of HourTown I really like: Any time a client contacts you or schedules an appointment, HourTown extracts all the key information and saves it for you. If the client books later in the month but lists a new cellphone number, HourTown effortlessly detects the change and records the new information to your customer book. Want to see when was the last time a customer booked with you? Simply click on the customers name. HourTown will never spam, sell or distribute your customers information in any way.
Bottom line, clearly HourTown is much than scheduling but is a powerful and smart tool that makes scheduling a powerful asset for customer service, more sales and increased productivity. Genbook makes a competing scheduling product.
PS – Ryan Donahue, is a founding member of the PayPal design and user research group. He’s brought his skills in making PayPal powerful but easy to use, to HourTown.

One thought on “Move Scheduling Out of Your Office to the Customer and Boost Sales and Productivity

  1. AJ Leon

    Checked out Hour Town, definitely seems like a strong online scheduling tool. However, I noticed that there is no integration with iCal/Google Calendar. For hard core Google users, like myself, that would be a problem. Just recently, I ran into a Web 2.0 start up, while they certainly don’t have the complexity of Hour Town, they have an easy to use, sleek interface and provide a “share this” button so that clients or potential clients can easily share your service page with colleagues. It’s seems a bit less involved than Hour Town, but it might be a good fit for smaller companies.

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