Neat Scanning Solutions

neatdesk.jpgWe love technology that makes life easier.
The company that brought us the popular NeatReceipts scanner recently announced a name change to The Neat Company and introduced some neat (ha) new scanning products:
The NeatDesk automatic desktop feed scanner has a patent-pending feeder tray that can scan business cards, receipts, and documents together in one batch, and will even scan double-sided papers.
NeatScan To Office software installs a scanning toolbar in Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint, and lets you scan information directly into those programs. You can scan receipt data directly into expense report templates, turn hard copy documents into editable Word files, and scan color images directly into presentation files. For any of us who have fought with cleaning up OCR scans in Word or trying to convert PDF scans to other applications, this is very cool.
The company also released the new version 1.1 of NeatReceipts for Mac, introduced earlier this year.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,