New Backup Options: Better Initial Upload, Less Computer Resources, Using’s Servers

I have been using Carbonite‘s backup service for about a year now and like it. They have recently updated their service. Zmanda has released a new backup servcie, Zmanda Internet Backup (ZIB), an Internet-based backup solution for Windows environments that stores its backup files on Amazon’s popular Simple Storage Service (S3).
According to their press release ZIB is the IT industry’s first Windows backup and recovery solution that backs up a Windows Server and Live applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange Server to Amazon’s highly dependable, scalable and affordable online storage service.
Some technology products you use all the time and notice how easy they are to use or other features that one would notice in the day to day use of the product. At other times, like good security you only notice that nothing has happened. Know what I mean? The best security is security that keeps everything safe and you never notice it’s doing its job. This is how Carbonite is. Once it’s set up, it’s little green padlock sits in your Running tasks bar. If there’s a problem it changes color to yellow – and that’s about all you’ll notice about it.
In version 3.7, newly released, Carbonite aims to improve. Through a series of improvements to the way Carbonite monitors computer resources, Carbonite will offer better system performance during the initial scan and backup upload.
“The initial upload is the most important process the user goes through,” David Friend , founder and CEO of Carbonite said. “To make the process simple for the user, Carbonite has always worked in the background with little interference to every day computer usage. With these improvements, Carbonite will continue to utilize very little of the computer’s memory and bandwidth while improving upload speed.”
Backup, as most of you know, is so important. If you are looking for a solution – there’s dozens of great products out there. Carbonite’s what I use, and ideal for smaller businesses. Check out Zmanda, especially if you want to backup an entire server and also