QuickBooks 2009: Do More. Get Help. View Insight.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birth Day’s, Christmas, Easter Columbus Day and about 100 other holidays come around once per year.
These cyclic days are not alone. Each year your accounting vendor offers a new update.
Often times these updates are marginal. For the most part they include a few good features that make it worth while for you to upgrade but don’t always give a compelling reason for you to switch from a different accounting program. If you don’t upgrade but stay with an older version – you’ll do just fine.
A few days ago Intuit released its latest accounting program, QuickBooks 2009. There are several new features in this new edition, as expected but there’s a few updates that are particular useful and quite cool. I think this version, in particular is one of the best updates QuickBooks has released in a long time. Of course Sage’s PeachTree and Microsoft Accounting are not stilling still, but like a good political campaign, will try to one up each other year after year. Intuit’s QuickBooks 2009 is going to be tough to beat.

My “bookkeeping” time is spent going from my accounting program to the bank and back again. When things get real bad, I print transactions out. Sure, I can download the transactions to my accounting program but that’s a pain because I still have to do a lot of manual editing.
In this new version of QuickBooks, Intuit has put quite a bit of intelligence and productivity into the online banking component, Overall, you’ll find that you can do pretty much all of your online banking from within QuickBooks. From within QuickBooks you can send money from your bank. No need to schedule a transaction through your bank’s web site. What’s also a big time saver is that QuickBooks remembers when you rename a downloaded transaction. So that transaction in your bank, that is name Gas2008Amaco487433 and you name Gas Station – Exit 10 – the next time it’s downloaded QuickBooks automatically renames it for you. This is way cool and saves quit a bit of time.
Ensuring you get help within QuickBooks is one of Intuit’s top priorities. It’s Live Community feature is more than just “normal help”. In a pane to your right is context sensitive help gathered from Intuit’s community of users, accountants and experts. Maybe you’re in the invoice writing section of QuickBooks. To the right you could expect to find a menu of help questions with answers, relevant to invoicing.
There’s a lot to this version of QuickBooks that will make your use of this bookkeeping tool not only productive but maybe even fun. Check out it.