Send Paper To An Online Storage Via the US Postal Service

pixily.jpgWhen I first heard of Pixily and read how you can send paper documents, via envelopes to it, to be scanned and stored online I thought of Netflix. When, Netflix’s little red envelopes come in the mail, we (well my kids) get excited about what movie has just arrived. You send back the Netflix DVD – in Netflix provided envelopes and wait for the next DVD to come.
Pixily works in a loosely similar fashion. Any paper you want scanned and stored online is sent to Pixily via an envelope. The paper is scanned, stored online and returned to you (or you can opt to recycle it in a future version of Pixily).
Once the documents are scanned by Pixily (or you upload digitized documents to Pixily) it does an optical character recognition on the documents, enabling you to search the full text of documents. You can also add labels or keywords to documents so that you can search for documents via categories you specify.
The geek in me is thinking that with scanners there’s no need for a service like Pixily. On the other hand scanning, especially a lot of documents takes time and not everyone may have a scanner, or the ability to properly categorize paper documents or a system to organize the digitized documents. Pixily serves this need.
With prices ranging from free (only upload digitized documents no sending in paper) to $60 per month (12,000 pages, 4 mail in envelopes per month) Pixily is something the paper intensive professional might find quite useful.