Social Data Backup: An Interesting Perspective

cucku.gifYou know that you should backup your data. In fact, some (I hope most or all) of you might backup your data and store the backup drive in the same room as the computer. I know a friend of mine who recently had his computer and the backup drive stolen.
A newly launched service, Cucku Backup backs up your data to a friend’s computer and its free. For businesses, this is not the way to go, your data is too important and too serious to backup onto a friend’s computer. However, you might want to use the Cucku service to backup your files to another office’s computer system. A computer that you know is secure and available when you might need the backup.
For home users, Cuckuo could be an ok option, but why backup to a friend’s computer and wonder if their computer will be available when you need it, when you could backup to the servers of a reputable backup service provider or your own remote computer.
I use Carbonite for my data backup needs (it’s $50 per year) there’s other services such as which is a premier backup service in NY for companies who want personal service and support.
For backing up your data, and even remote access to it, there are dozens and dozens of viable options. There’s no excuse to NOT backup your data or have remote access to it.