Telephone Sales: Measuring Them LIke Web Pages With Google Analytics

Thumbnail image for telephone-rotary.jpgMany of you use Google Analytics or some other tool to track the traffic on your web site (most viewed pages, where referred traffic is coming from, and more).
For those of you who rely on telephone sales to grow your business you might not have a reliable solution to know where your calls are coming from. Being able to receive detailed reports on the success of an online advertisement is something you are used to. But telephone calls?
ifbyphone has an array of solutions for those of you who rely on telephone sales, including providing multiple tracking telephone numbers so you know where someone saw the number at. They’ve recently launched a service that integrates Google Analytics with an ifbyphone Smart Telephoen Number.
The new Ifbyphone integration for Google Analytics creates a pseudo Web page that is dynamically linked to the Smart Telephone Number assigned to an Ifbyphone customer’s account. Each time the phone rings, a page view is automatically counted by Google to provide advertisers with new insight from their inbound lead generation telephone activity in a far more comprehensive manner.
While blends like this are not new or revolutionary they are important time savers and enable you to evaluate your online campaigns through one interface – Google Analytics.