Temptation: Using Consumer Apps for Business

zimbracalendar.gifEarlier this month, Yahoo released the new version of its calendar.
According to 901am Other new easy-to-use features allow consumers to keep track of activities through color-coding, drag and drop appointments for easy scheduling, and “zoom-in and -out” from a monthly “wall calendar” view to a single event – all from within a Yahoo! Mail account. In addition, images from the Flickr photo community can be included to create a visual, unique-looking online calendar with interesting photos.
The calendar is an outgrowth of Yahoo’s Zimbra purchase and enables Yahoo to have a calendar and I’m sure other tools that are much more robust that what it would normally produce.
In the past I’ve been quite negative on those often solo-preneurs who have domain names such as joevideo@aol.com or otherwise. However, with Yahoo (Google, MSN/LIve) creating more professional and feature rich calendar, address book, email and other online tools it makes more sense to use these tools for business.
I still think it does not LOOK good to have an email address that’s not your business domain, but I am more sympathetic to using a commercial service due to their robustness.
For email, especially, I would highly encourage having your own domain name. It’s just much more professional.