The iPhone: Apple’s Trojan Horse. Increasing Demands On Your Business

iphone.jpgMany of you have purchased iPhones. They’re cool. Feature rich. New. But guess what – they’re clearly turning out to be darn good gadgets for business users as well. I’m seeing them used more and more. Sometimes I wonder what’s more popular – the BlackBerry or iPhone.
For example, Egnyte which makes a virtual server for small businesses recently launched an application to enable businesses to access their virtual servers via the iPhone – think “M:\\” or M for mobile. This is not revolutionary on its own, Intuit and dozens of other companies have made iPhone applications to connect users to their applications.
What I do find quite interesting, is that Apple is creating more and more “fun” products for consumers that these consumers, who just happen to work or own businesses are using for dual use in their businesses as well.
What does this mean to you?
This means 1) expect your employees to want to use their personal devices, like the iPhone in the corporate office. You might resist listening to their needs, but sooner or later you will have to meet their demands. 2) your customers are also using the iPhone and will expect your web site or customer service application to properly display on its browser.