The Secrets and Lies of Email Marketing

lies-road.jpgBtoB Magazine reports on a Forrester Research study which finds that despite the fact that most companies have been doing e-mail marketing for years, the channel is still immature, said Julie M. Katz, Forrester analyst and author of the study.
Whether you use Constant Contact, which I use, Vertical Response, Office Live, Cooler Email, iContact, or some other email service it’s important to measure the affect of your email communication. Also, keep in mind, producing an email newsletter which goes out on a regular basis and is chock full of information is different than using email as a way to drive direct sales.
[Editor’s note: On 20 October (NYC) will be organizing its third Taste of Technology Small Business Series. This event will be focused on the importance of email marketing.] The overall look and design of the newsletter is critical. You can have a very simplistic newsletter, that looks good. On the other hand you don’t want to have too many graphics and colors to make it look like a kaleidoscopic piece of junk.
The information inside each issue of the newsletter is very important as well – actually most important. No spelling errors or grammar mistakes. You want to be short and to be point in most cases. Overall deliver what your readers want to read and in most cases, dispense rich information they can use.
Measuring the metrics of your email newsletter is critical. Knowing the most popular links in your email newsletter is good because you’ll know what is most important to your customers. Analyzing the type of customers who opened your newsletter and read particular articles is valuable intelligence you can use to understand deep insight about your customers.