TurningPoint: Bring Your Audience Into Your Presentation

turning-point-response_card_lg_XR.jpgMicrosoft’s Power Point is one of the most popular tools at just about every business meeting. For most of us, it’s an obligatory tool we must look at or that we must use – since everyone else is using it.
The problem with presentations is that the presentations are “one way” for the most part. You standing in front of a room full of people and them staring at you. Sure, the best presenters try to engage the audience, but doing this means that you must rely on people raising their hands, maybe not saying the right thing, or other issues.
turningpoint.gifIf you want to bring your next presentation to life, I highly suggest you check out Turning Point Technologies Audio Response System. This system is made up of 3 components. The software that integrates seamlessly with Power Point. The wireless radio receiver USB key. The wireless audio response cards.
The software enables you to create Power Point presentations that can receive input from the audience. The wireless USB radio receiver, receives input from the audience via slim audio response cards. These cards are thin (maybe the size of a deck of cards) and contain a keypad for entering information received by Turning Point. Cost for a 24 seat radio response card system is $2,800 .
The next time you use Power Point, imagine being able to interact with your audience – like never before.
Maybe you’re pitching a client. You could give some of the executives in attendance a response card and ask for their anonymous input on a few important ‘sales oriented’ questions. Imagine giving a workshop and being able to poll the audience throughout the presentation. The data you gain from your next presentation could be quite useful in knowing how to best tailor your presentation for the audience as your presentation goes along.