Updates You Need to Know About: Email Center Pro and Constant Contact

We’ve been using Email Center Pro for a number of months to manage the editorial process of Smallbiztechnology.com.
Email Center Pro,as I’ve written about before, helps 2 or more persons manage email in-boxes. Instead of forwarding an email to another team member, wondering if they replied to an email or asking what their response was – it’s all managed in Email Center Pro, from Palo Alto Software.
Version 2.0 is out, it appears to be faster and it definitely looks better. There’s a new dashboard that gives you insight into who, on your team, is online; mail box traffic statistics; and recent actions.You can get a free version and as your needs grow, get the paid version.
Our friends at Constant Contact are never holding still and have updated Constant Contact to include auto-responders! Maybe you are a baker. Why not have an email campaign, 3 weeks to baking better bread. Each week you send one tip, or “how-to”, in how to make better bread.
Using a traditional newsletter you might reach out once per month or every two weeks with a variety of information – that’s useful. But with an auto-responder you are delivering an even more personalized and anticipated eduction for your customers or prospective customers.
Reaching prospective customers is interesting to note. Maybe a customer does NOT want to sign up for a newsletter focused on your companies products and services, but they just might sign up to get a 6 series newsletter, once per week on tips for better car care or some education oriented newsletter – from you!