Use Product Photos? Boost Sales with Better Images

blingit-logo300dpi.pngLooks may not be everything, but when you’re talking about a product for sale online they are pretty important. The more appealing a product looks, the more likely a customer will be to click on it.
Professional product photography is often not in the budget for very small businesses. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with product shots that look like you took them yourself against a white sheet or on the conference room table (even if you did).
Although it’s geared toward eBay sellers, Bling! It photo editing software is a handy tool that could be useful for any business with product photos. It lets you replace the plain (or ugly) background of your photo with a professional looking one, sharpen and enhance the image, and add effects like drop shadows. I gave it a quick try and found it very easy to use, especially with the video tutorials on the website. Cost is $49.95.
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Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,