Are You Rushing To Boost Email Marketing Sales? Don’t Burn Your Customers.

Ok, it’s November, Thanksgiving will be here next week, Christmas comes soon thereafter and you might be tempted to do some pretty “not so smart” things in your email marketing, writes Clickz. It’s like the guy who knows the dance is about to end for the night and still hasn’t danced with that special girl. So he starts pulling her to th dance floor, making a fool of himself, or worse.
As the holiday’s approach don’t make foolish email blunders and damage relationships with your current and prospective customers.

  • Risky moves drive more spam complaints.
  • More spam complaints damage your sender reputation.
  • A bad reputation makes ISPs block your e-mails from customer inboxes.
  • Blocked inboxes reduce your delivery.
  • Reduced delivery means reduced e-mail results.

I highly suggest you read the full Clickz article here. Read up on email marketing at the resource page.