Attend Events And Learn Ways to Grow Your Business

Earlier in October, Microsoft held its annual Small Business Summit. More than 35 experts shared information at this three day event. Events organized by tech companies and other key service providers to your business are excellent, what are often free ways, to lean more about using technology as a tool to grow your business. At these events, some online, you can learn how to better use the technologies you are purchasing from these vendors. The events are not always technical related but cover other important business topics as well.
For example, one of this year’s featured speakers at Microsoft events was Nell Merlino, co-founder, president and CEO of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, the leading national not-for-profit provider of resources to help women grow their microbusinesses into million-dollar enterprises. During her summit segment Merlino shared advice for maintaining and growing a small business, especially in tough times. For example, she recommended ways for small businesses to be more valuable by aligning with customer needs and gave tips on how to streamline operations with information technology for greater efficiency.
If you are not regularly attending events to hear learn and to network you are missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow your information with insight from experts and peers.
The Fourth Annual Small Business Summit ( will take place in February. See photos below:

There are other events and you can find them at A good start for local events is your local chamber.