Automatically Save on BlackBerry International Calls

If you make international calls from your BlackBerry, you might save a chunk of change by trying this service, currently in beta, from Truphone Anywhere. It works in 33 different countries and promises to reduce international call costs to as low as $0.06 per minute.
Once you download the free software onto your phone, it will ask if you want to make a Truphone call any time you dial an international number. If you accept, then Truphone connects the call. If you decline, the call will be dialed through your regular cell phone carrier. Charges are paid upfront by purchasing pay-as-you-go credits.
Note that Truphone Anywhere is meant to save users on calls from their home country, not while traveling abroad. Their press release warns that using the service while abroad might result in higher charges.
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Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,