Buy Those Computers, Software and Etc…Soon

Thumbnail image for money-coins.jpgIf you’re trying to decide when you should replace that new server, buy that new notebook or upgrade that software, you might want to do it sooner rather than later.
Business Week writes The downside of leasing is that it’s almost always more expensive than buying. Say you want to replace 10 desktop computers with new Dell laptops and docking stations at $2,000 each. You can pay Dell $20,000 now, or pay $703 a month for the next three years, or $25,308. That’s assuming you have a good credit rating and return the gear at the end of the lease.
So have a sit down with your accountant and technology expert, and over the next 2 months map out what technology you should buy this year and what technology you should by next year. If you can get a tax break, by purchasing the technology you need, why not?