Desktop Computing: Can You Get Excited About Your Next Upgrade?

vostro.jpgPC vendors regularly refresh their product line. Well for that matter all manufacturers of “things” refresh their product lines – cars, airplanes, software, furniture, etc. Some products, like cars, we annually schlep to some auto show to see what’s new. For other products, we hold onto them for as long as we can before buying a new one.
Desktop computers, for example, unless it’s a new Mac, is there really any excitement? Maybe.
In mid October Dell released a refreshment to its line of Dell Vostro computers. Some of the new features include:

  • Refined industrial design with a glossy front;
  • Greater convenience through redesigned optical drive bays;
  • Increased internal storage capacity with one terabyte hard drives offering up to 4 terabytes of internal storage in the Vostro 420;
  • The Vostro 420 high-performance system also offers dual display capability, and more expandability and flexibility with 10 total USB ports and seven total PCI/PCIe expansion slots for more network, sound or graphics cards.

One of the most useful features you’ll find is a Dell FlexDock with which you can insert a portable USB hard drive into your desktops 3.5” bay. Quickly back-up and transfer your data or take your critical files with you, with this conveniently sized hard drive.
Dell’s been listening to its customers and you’ll find – surprisingly – that the new Vostro’s have PS/2 ports. Many of you use USB mice and keyboards, but clearly there’s enough of you that are still using “legacy” hardware which require PS/2 ports.
Whether you decide an HP, Dell or Lenovo should be your next computer. You can look with excitement at some of the new models coming out.

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