Enabling Mobile Access to Data: Your Excuses Are Over

Thumbnail image for mobile-man.jpgI know that having access to data while on the road is still challenging for many of you. However, as you and your staff get more mobile, access to data on the road, which might normally be locked in a corporate office, is important.
Being able to view this data and INPUT data while on the road is important. Many CRM and contact management solutions can help you access your data while away from the office. For example, Maximizer CRM 10.5, has improved its ability to mobility corporate data.
Their press release reads Enhancements in Maximizer CRM 10.5 are designed to support an on-the-go sales person from the office, in the field, and on the road; ultimately driving the customer lifecycle from inquiry to prospect to lifetime customer.
“In today’s economy, when companies are looking for the lowest total cost of ownership and maximum ROI, Maximizer Mobile CRM boasts both,” said William Anderson, executive vice president of technology, Maximizer Software.

Maximizer also released Maximizer Mobile CRM which empowers sales professionals to conduct business in real-time including:

  • Ability to access an online document library for sales and company collateral;
  • One-click access to maps and driving directions; and
  • Significantly increased storage of customer data via SD cards.

When considering which mobile solution is best to implement in your business, you really need to try the solution first. Small differences in user interface; synchronization quirks and other things can greatly affect how your mobile staff do or do not embrace your new mobile solution.