External Storage Options: Boost Security, Productivity and Fun

There are lots of external storage devices on the market. Walk into your local retail store or browse the digital aisles of any online retailer and you’ll see a variety of USB or Fireware based storage solutions. I used to think 500GB was big, but now 1 Terabyte of storage is quite common.
With more and more businesses using digital photos and creating their own videos (I just bought a Flip camera so will need lots of storage for more videos) the need for storage will only increase.
Iomega’s new StorCenter ix2 network storage system is more than a simple external drive. It’s got some pretty interesting features that make it a head turner.

According to Iomega’s press release, in addition to speed, centralized storage capacity and the onboard security to protect all the files on a network, the ix2 delivers optional Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to send pictures, files and address book contacts directly from cell phones to the StorCenter ix2 for network sharing and data protection; as well as a unique digital video surveillance capability using a compatible Axis video surveillance camera for inexpensive real-time viewing and recording of activity inside or outside the office.
Fast network performance at the office or in the home is delivered through a Gigabit Ethernet connection, and data is stored on two high-performance SATA-II drives. Up to two USB devices can be connected to the ix2’s USB ports, including USB printers for network print sharing, a USB Bluetooth dongle for direct uploads, or external USB drives to add incremental storage capacity.
The StorCenter ix2 Network Storage appliance 1TB is available for $299.99; the StorCenter ix2 Network Storage appliance 2TB is available now for $479.99.
As you are looking for external storage devices for your growing network or home office you should look for more than just an external device that can connect to your computer. Look for an external device that can compliment your business, enhance your productivity and have the features you’ll need now and in the coming months.