Fax: You Thought It Was Dead. It’s Alive and Well and Online

fax.jpg.jpgI rarely ever send or receive a fax. Most of my communication is done via email – as I’m sure yours are. However, in many professions, communicating by fax is still a major part of doing business. If you are still relying on a traditional fax machine to send and receive faxes you’re operating quite inefficiently. When you’re away from the office you have to rely on the good graces of a colleague or your secretary to someone get the information to you. Even when you are in the office having all that paper spew through the mouth of the fax machine is simply a pain and a barrier to efficient filing.
Law Technology writes So there’s the dilemma. The workforce is mobile, but its means of communication is not. Which means non office-based workers who need to read, send, and/or respond to faxes either have to make a special trip to the office to pick them up, have documents re-faxed to them from the central office to another location, or have someone else read the faxes to them and then dictate responses. None of which is very conducive to conducting business.
Using the Internet to enable much more efficient faxing is an ideal example of how you can use an “old” technology while leveraging the power of more modern technologies.
Telephone call are no different. It is an “old” technology but by using modern telephone systems, such as Microsoft Response Point (on premise phone system), or Ring Central (virtual phone system).
What other technologies in your business are “old” but can leverage the power of modern technology to enhance their use?

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  1. webtelecommunications

    It is cheaper to use online fax services compared to the conventional fax machine. This way is more flexible as well because you get to send and receive faxes anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. I use Popfax.com fax email service, and it’s reliable.

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