Get Even More Mobile: WiMAX is Coming

Hero_wimax.jpgFor some time, we’ve written on about WiMAX, the new wireless technology that is faster and has a longer range than WiFi. WiFi’s growth really took off when notebook vendors started including WiFi in their notebooks and when Intel started heavily marketing its use.
WiMax is going to have a similar growth – maybe. Lenovo released new notebooks with built in WiMAX at the launch celebration of the first 4G (fourth generation of wireless technology) WiMAX wireless network in Baltimore. You can now choose from several models of WiMAX enabled Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPad notebooks geared toward business users (ThinkPad X301, T400, SL300 and SL500), with more models aimed at consumers (IdeaPad Y530) coming out later this year. The ThinkPad notebooks also have the ability to recognize WiMAX networks.
“WiMAX is changing the model of wireless communication,” said Bin Shen, vice president, Broadband, Sprint. “By working with industry leaders like Intel and Lenovo, we are committed to building the next-generation of mobile broadband services along with innovative computing devices that are designed for the best possible mobile WiMAX experience. We are rapidly building a nationwide WiMAX-based mobile broadband network, making it the next standard for accessible, affordable high speed wireless communications.”
Buying WiMAX enabled notebooks today may not be necessary since there are no WiMAX hot spots, but if you want to be ready for an increase in WiMAX hotspots….you now can buy a notebook with a WiMAX antenna.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,