Google Apps: Experiment in the Lab

labs_logo2.gifIf you believe a life with Google and hosted applications is the way to go, you’ll want to check out the new Labs for Google Apps. It’s a place for Google Apps users to try out new experimental features within Google Apps. Similar to Gmail Labs but focused on enterprise users, the lab on Google Enterprise blog lets users comment and vote on the applications and make suggestions to improve them.
One of the first applications built on the Google App Engine is called Google Moderator, which can be used to manage feedback or group discussions. From the Moderator overview:

“Keeping group discussions or Q&A sessions focused on important topics can be difficult. Google Moderator will help keep things on track by allowing users to both suggest questions and vote on others’ questions.
Everyone has a chance to propose questions and the questions are collected in one place. Users can individually vote up or down on the questions they feel strongly about. Questions can then be addressed in popularity order, providing the best chance to answer the questions that the audience cares the most about.
It is flexible enough to be suitable for anything from a lecture to a team meeting or as a research tool to gather popularity-ranked feedback.”

Google announced that it will be adding more experimental applications and also opening up the platform to third-party developers.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,