How Well Does Your IT Staff Know Your Company? Your Growth Could Depend on It.

Having an IT person to help you use technology as productively as possible is a MUST. However just having an IT person is not enough. This person needs to understand and be a part of your business and know how it runs, beyond just the surface.
bMighty uses this example The IT department needs to know what the company does. One company I work with is a cement manufacturing company. The cement takes less than an hour to harden once it’s mixed and it has to get where it’s going before that. A user called in because he was having trouble dispatching the truck and the IT guy says, “I’m going to lunch. I’ll deal with it when I get back.” That’s showing he didn’t understand that it hardens.
If your business is really going to grow and integrate technology as part of that growth ensure that your IT staff (be it one person or a local consultant) or familiar with your business, especially any particulars it might have (like cement drying).
Have regular meetings with your IT staff, not only to share with them tech problems but also invite them to sit in on staff meetings and maybe even visit clients with you from time to time.
The more they know about your business, the better they can help you use technology in your business.