It’s Never Too Late To Learning: What Large Companies Can Teach Smaller Companies

As smaller businesses, our needs are often quite different than larger businesses. By the fact that they have larger budgets, more staff, are more regulated and all sorts of other differences puts them in a entirely different sand box than us.
However, there are many things they are doing that would make sense we learn from. PC World writes about this. One tip is to buy compatible computers and cell phones. If one computer breaks down, it’s so much easier to swap parts from a common inventory or even in a pinch have two employees share a computer, especially on a business trip.
Imagine having 15 different cell phones – that often means different batteries and chargers for each one. Having the same cell phone means you can have a common supply of power adapters and even software configurations for all phones.
PC World writes To keep incompatibilities to a minimum, you should try to stock hard drives from the same vendor, and to standardize on the same model of peripherals such as printers, mice, and keyboards, too. You can also make use of Windows Inspection Toolkit or similar utilities to keep track of the specific configuration of your systems. Finally, use drive imaging software such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost to make copies of your basic system installation, so that it can be recovered easily in case of virus infections or other problems.
Check out the full article to learn what you can copy from the “big boys”.