Lotus: Like Good Wine, It’s Better With Age

The Lotus brand has been the core of communications of large businesses for years. However, IBM has not only kept Lotus alive, but has caused it to thrive by continuing to make it better.
IBM’s Lotus Foundations Start, is an all-in-one software appliance designed for small and medium-sized businesses (5-500 employees). This is the first product in IBM’s Blue Business Platform, IBM’s initiative to simplify the delivery of info tech for SMBs and demystify IT.
When searching for the right technology for your business, purchasing technology from companies who will be around for years to come, can support the technology they sell you and have a network of local consultants is important.
There is a starting price of $949 for the server software and 5 users. Each additional user is $149. The software has powerful collaboration capabilities – includes the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Collaboration platform empowering a business to create, share and print documents, and leverage email and calendaring functions. Automated IT functionality – self-configuring, self-healing, and self- managing capabilities automate installation, configuration and everyday system operations.
Between social media tools, many free, software from start ups, and purchasing software from IBM, you have a range of choices. Whatever choice you make, make sure you choose the best solution for your needs, in conjunction with a local technology expert.