Mobile Collaboration for Creative Types and Those Who Work with Them

museworxhomelogo.jpg Traditionally, collaborating remotely with clients has been challenging for creative service providers like design firms, ad agencies, and photographers. It often involves emailing or
FTPing large files, waiting to make sure the client received and could open them, and making sure that everyone is working off the most recent version. Online collaboration solutions are great but geared toward sharing and editing documents and spreadsheets, not graphic files.
Enter MuseWorx, “the world’s first marketing operating system” – an online digital asset management solution. It allows users to share and view multimedia files, make notes and markups directly on the file, and even chat to discuss the project in real time. The company just launched an extension of its platform for mobile phones in October which gives users full access to the system from their cell phones.

“Can you imagine how much money and time would be saved if creative professionals, marketing managers and vendors could all collaborate, negotiate and finalize content, especially SMBs, all in one place – anytime, anywhere? Via cell phone?
With MuseWorx, creative and marketing professionals can use this platform for
storing, sharing, and collaborating on photos, logo art, advertisements, lists,
video and audio files, etc. The mobile version, which looks best on the iPhone,
makes the Software-as-a-Service platform a full-fledged business tool for the
designers, artists, copywriters, editors, printers, photographers, web
managers, and the like who have to collaborate on projects that are constantly
being modified and edited by a number of individuals.”

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,