Mobility: Is It Time You Leave The PC Behind?

The Wall Street Journal has a very substantive piece on how smartphones have matured in features and power. If you really want to – you could leave your notebook behind for short trips and just take your smartphone.
If you need access to email, review short files, check a remote database (inventory, customer records, etc) then carrying a notebook with you everyone is becoming less and less a necessity. Smartphones, with their very small keyboards and screens aren’t tools for everything, but for a few hours or maybe all day they can serve your needs quite well!
My Palm Treo 700wx is pretty feature rich, when reading lengthy files, I do find it a bit tedious to read on a small screen – longing for my notebook.
WSJ writes (subscription required) These souped-up cousins of ordinary cellphones, with email and other Internet functions, have become much more powerful in the past year. So powerful, in fact, that they can handle nearly every computing chore that many business travelers need to do, from checking warehouse inventory levels to watching movies on airplanes. Best of all, users can do those tasks with a pocket-size gadget that weighs a few ounces, instead of a five-pound hunk of plastic that goes into a shoulder bag.
The result: Many travelers are now using smart phones the way they once used laptops — and laptops the way they once used desktop computers. Mobile workers rely on their laptops to create PowerPoint presentations and do other heavy-duty computing. But then they leave the laptops in their offices, homes or hotel rooms and take their smart phones out into the world — to client meetings, say, or factory visits.