Parrallel Information Silos and Other Blockages to a Paperless Office

Investing in a scanner and document manage software is good but just having the technology is not good enough. You have to make sure you have systems in place and the right training to have it done properly.
One way to start is ensuring all your employees (who have the need) have desktop scanners. This will encourage converting paper into digital documents. Once your hardware is in place you’ll need software to link the digitized documents into a comprehensive storage and management platform.
Training employees is also important so they ge the most out of the hardware and software. This training includes helping employees know how to take advantage of document management solutions and helping employees who are used to paper intensive business processes move these processes to a digital solution.
For example, writes bMighty, in an interview with Bill Brikiatis of eCopy The real difficulty is when small and midsize businesses have parallel workflows–one electronic and one paper. They can’t afford to maintain both. Many law firms have paper file records of correspondence and then for electronic correspondence they have electronic workflow. When a client wants to talk about an issue, the lawyer needs to look through his e-mails and then looks through the filing cabinet. He needs to call the client back. It only resides on paper. The solution is to go electronic. It’s hard for paper-intensive businesses–but when some [records] are on file and some are electronic and you don’t know where it is, it’s double the search time. And it’s not just in the legal industry, it’s also the construction industry.